CBS will be bringing back another one of its veteran dramas for the 2019-20 TV season.Announced this afternoon, the network has officially renewed “NCIS” for its seventeenth season. The news comes after star and executive producer, Mark Harmon, signed a new deal with CBS to reprise his role on the series.“NCIS has been a global juggernaut for almost two decades,” said CBS Entertainment President, Kelly Kahl. “Its viewers are clearly the most loyal of any drama on television. They are passionate about the characters, the plotlines and the storytelling. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the gifted production team and the cast, led by the extraordinary Mark Harmon. We are delighted that the show will remain a linchpin of the CBS schedule this coming season.”In its current season, “NCIS” has been averaging 12.2 million viewers in the live + same day ratings, making it TV’s second-most-watched scripted series, behind only “The Big Bang Theory.” It has remained a strong performer for CBS, in both its ratings and viewership numbers, and was widely considered to be a strong renewal contender leading up to the announcement today.With this renewal, “NCIS” now joins “Young Sheldon,” “Mom,” “Criminal Minds,” “God Friended Me,” “Magnum P.I.,” “FBI,” and “The Neighborhood” on a growing list scripted titles confirmed to be returning on CBS for the 2019-20 season.


  • 8.0连载18良医弗莱迪·海默,尼古拉斯·冈萨雷斯,AntoniaThomas
  • 7.0全20集少狼第6季泰勒·珀西,雪莱·亨尼格,迪伦·奥布莱恩,霍兰·罗登,HollandRoden,DylanSprayberry
  • 9.0HD余波詹姆士·塔珀,安·海切,贾森·加里-斯坦福德,阿德里安·霍夫,杰森·德里恩,列维·米登,茱莉亚·莎拉·斯通,埃里克·班内德,克里斯塔尔·巴林特,泰勒·辛克森
  • 2.008集全/已完结佛西与沃登山姆·洛克威尔,米歇尔·威廉姆斯,凯莉·巴雷特,诺尔贝特·里奥·布茨,阿雅·卡什,内森·科德里,伊万·汉德勒,里克·霍姆斯,拜伦·詹宁斯,苏珊·米斯纳尔,玛格丽特·库里,保罗·雷瑟,朱丽叶·布雷特,伊恩·布莱克曼,钱德勒·海德,克里斯蒂娜·赛德尔,凯莉·伯格伦德,安迪·普罗斯基,布鲁斯·威南特,Bianca,Marroquin,Laura,Osnes,Alexa,Poller,Stephen,Plunkett,Sergio,King
  • 7.0全10集秘令杰克·曼利,莎拉·格雷,马特·弗里沃,山姆·特拉梅尔,马克斯·马蒂尼,亚当·迪马克,托马斯·埃尔姆斯,德芙丽·雅各布斯,克里斯蒂安·迈克尔·库珀,凯瑟琳·伊莎贝尔,杰迪代亚·古达克,泰·伍德,肖恩·德伯纳,乔斯林·休顿,迪伦·普莱费尔,艾米莉·霍尔姆斯,神奈川宏幸,朱尔·斯泰特,Louriza,Tronco,阿龙·黑尔,Ajay,Friese,Mizinga,Mwinga,Drew,Ray,Tanner
  • 10.0连载4福斯特医生第二季,苏兰·琼斯,博迪·卡维尔,汤姆·泰勒

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